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recruit_miniers's Journal

Miniaturists and The Conversion Thereof
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Dollhouse Miniaturists
We know that dollhouse miniatures is a hobby for all ages and both genders. However, the younger people who would be interested are often put off by the fact that so many miniaturists seem to begin at retirement, and that so many are women.

Miniatures is not just a hobby for retired ladies.

This community is designed to promote dollhouse miniatures as a hobby that everyone of all ages and both genders can enjoy.
It will provide a place to find miniaturists of your own age group and/or gender, as well as support, and friendship.
We will discuss ways to 'convert' people to our hobby.
We'll rant about being the only young person in the club, or about how our friends think we're crazy, or about other things.
We'll share resources, show our projects, and talk about personal off topic things if we want to.
We'll help you get started in an interesting new hobby.
We'll help you with your temporary projects even if you are not a miniaturist, but are just using an aspect of it for something or other.

If you feel you are a young miniaturist, or have a young miniaturist that you know that you'd like to encourage, or would like to be a young miniaturist, this is the comm for you.

is our sister community.