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I hope it's okay that I ask this here. I need help re-finding a dollhouse printable. I've looked through all of my bookmarks and all the printie sites I used to frequent and either I neglected to bookmark it or the site has gone down since I last saw it.

A year or so ago, I made a room box for my cousin for Christmas (reference photo behind cut). I found a 3D printie of Santa in his sleigh with reindeer pulling it and I put that on the wall. I want to make a similar box for my mother this year, but can't find the thing! Please help?

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Any helpful direction is appreciated. Thank you so much!

I'm Looking For Photos

I want to create a blog soon where I post about miniatures, aimed at non miniaturists. It'll have lots of photos that people can oo and ahh over. A while back there was a tutorial on how to make a tiny orange, and it was 'doing the rounds' of the internet, and people thought it was fake. ... when it was just a 1:12 scale miniature. I'd like it to be that sort of thing.
I'd like to inspire people to admire us as a hobby, and also pick it up as a hobby themselves.
I'll be putting up links to shops, (possibly for a fee later on) and stories, and contact details and club details as well.

However, I now need photos. Would anyone like to volunteer in giving me some? If you're selling them, or selling other miniatures, you can give me a link to your shop as well.