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Miniaturists and The Conversion Thereof
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13th-Aug-2008 02:30 pm - Blogging
Hi! I'm blogging about my dollhouse miniatures experiences, and also my experiences selling them on Etsy. My shop is over at http://www.livinginthepast.etsy.com . I'd love some friendings!

This is longlongwaytogo by the way. Under her other account.
5th-Aug-2008 02:43 pm - Converting!
I'm demonstrating at a fair on the weekend- What items should I be making, out of polymer clay, that would draw people in to the hobby? Impress them but not intimidate them?
24th-Jul-2008 06:14 pm - My Etsy!
So, I've started selling my miniatures on Etsy! I don't have much up yet, but I'll be adding to it over the coming weeks, and of course more, as I make more things.
Here's a link to my shop.
If you have any things you'd like to see me make, you can always ask me.
I'd love comments on the shop itself too please, if you have time.
19th-Jul-2008 04:49 pm - Milk
Some of you may remember that I was trying to figure out how to make cereal in milk. Well, I figured it out! I ended up using paint mixed with fimo glaze.
I'm also wondering... How much would you charge, or pay, for one of these bowls of cereal? The bowls are plastic.
19th-Jul-2008 02:42 pm - Etsy
I  now have a huge list of miniatures that I'd like to make... and I'd like to sell them as well. Previously, I'd have sold them at the club trade table at the miniatures fair, but I've run out of time for that, and it's never gone particularly well. I think the most money I've made from that in a year is $27. I'm considering getting an Etsy account, or perhaps Ebay, but I'm not sure which is better. Etsy has some beautiful miniatures on there, lovely quality, but I'm wondering if people (ie, miniaturists) really know that the site, well... exists, so if I'll get any trade at all? Also, I think you  have to do a lot more self promotion for Etsy, as for Ebay, people search for things, and as it's an auction, it comes up with what auctions are going to end soon, first. And Etsy seems to order in which ones were recently put up. Of course that also means that there's no time limit. The photo system seems better on Etsy, much clearer and more attractive.
What do you think?
And did you know about Etsy?
1st-Jul-2008 12:37 am - Hello! :-)
I just found this group tonight and thought I'd say hi. No clue why I never looked for a miniature community on LJ before tonight... just silliness I guess.

Who likes what things and is everyone as obsessed with minis as I am?
30th-Jun-2008 12:47 am - Houses
So we went up to our 'local' shop today (it's like an hour and a half away) to chat to the man who owns it, (we were in his town for another reason) and he showed us this dollhouse that's there on consignment. I really like it, though it was in need of some serious redecorating in places, and electricity would be good too. It was 1930s/40s sort of style, obviously one of the ones that would in real life, be attached to another house. Semi detached. Two floors. And it was beautifully three dimensional. I love three dimensional dollhouses rather than houses that are only one room deep. The front and back opened up with two half doors on each end. And the roof lifted off as well. It was just... really awesome. Doors were in places they'd be in *real* houses. There was a broom cupboard that was barely visible because it was in an inner corridor. But still so cool. I think it had three bedrooms, a bathroom, toilet, nice stairs/hallway (but nice in a 'this is a real house' sort of way, not in a fancy way) a kitchen, lounge room and... probably it was a dining room. I wish I'd taken photos. the internal decorating itself wasn't much to write home about, and the furniture wasn't good at all, but that's okay. I loved things like how the kitchen benches were around three walls... and one of those walls was the one that swung out. It was attached to the wall itself. Nice idea! I also loved how the bathroom had frosted windows, and the toilet room had one of those high up Louvre glass windows. Lovely touch! ... I'd like a dollhouse like that I think.
22nd-Jun-2008 05:44 pm(no subject)

 Okay so here is the deal....

I drove past this shabby looking antique/consignment store and did a double take at all the weird things they had in the window. I continued past it to meet my other fantastic obligations. On my way back, I pulled into the gravel filled parking area and prepared for the odd smells that I would soon experience from these types of stores. After walking around looking at everything in the store I passed a three story blue and white dollhouse sitting all alone. Price tag..... $80.00. I freaked out to myself because yes, the damn thing needs work...SERIOUS work but my god. I looked at it and giggled to myself but continued to look at things around the dollhouse. The lady that worked there approached me and asked if I was interested in it. I said yea but the price is a bit much. She then said that the house had been there for quite a while so she would give it away for $45.00 SCORE!

I am so excited but a bit overwhelmed. Each room is painted some crazy color, some of the "wallpaper" was a picture from a calendar (I know because I pulled it off and hello, calendar on the opposite side lol!) and some wallpaper was like tissue paper. The floors are painted crazy colors and all but seriously, I'm excited.

I just need some suggestions on where to begin. honestly.... I want to repaint the outside. Should I sand the entire thing down to the wood and start from there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

And now for peektures!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo what cha think?

19th-Jun-2008 09:21 pm - Milk Update
What seems to be working fairly well, is a bit of white paint mixed in with fimo glaze. :)
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